2 Yr Warranty on Watch Overhauls 2 Year Warranty on Watch Repair Overhauls / FREE SHIPPING on watch Band orders over $50 (US ONLY)

Terms & Conditions

1. We will start the repair process once we receive your authorization. You cannot decline or cancel the repair once it has started. 
2. We spend time and effort to buy parts to restore your watch, and we will try and call you several times to get you to pay the invoice and receive payment. We will contact you by phone, email, and, if necessary, a mailed letter to the address given. After 12 months, we will forfeit the watch and use it for parts to recoup our time and expense in case of non-payment, collection of watch. 
3. Excel Watch Repair is not liable for watches that have been left for more than one year. 
4. If you do not wish to continue with the repairs and do not want to pay for return delivery, we will store your unrepaired watch for no more than one (1) year in case you change your mind on either the repair or the return shipment. 
5. Estimates given over the phone or via email, are subject to modifications after a physical examination of the watch. There may be components or problems with the watch that were not discussed at the time an estimate is given, either over the phone or via email, which is why a physical examination is required. 
6. On rare occasions you will be given an estimate for the repair work, however, the watch may malfunction or show other issues when in our possession. I this case we will stop the repairs and provide you with an updated estimate. 
7. You are responsible for the products' possibility of failure before they are delivered to Excel Watch Repair. You are liable for any harm to the product that occurs during transit. When Excel Watch Repair receives the item, the risk of loss transfers to Excel Watch Repair. When a package or envelope is signed for and inspected, it is considered a receipt of a watch. In order to collect on coverage, you must have evidence of purchase as well as proof of delivery in the case of a claim with the shipping company. Excel Watch Repair is not liable for receiving insurance compensation if you do not have adequate paperwork. Excel Watch Repair is not liable for any defect or damage that occurs during the shipping or delivery process. Excel Watch Repair is the "shipper" only in name in order to expedite and facilitate the shipping process. 
8. What shipping insurance does and does not cover. Sentimental value is not covered by shipping insurers. Shipping insurance only pays the replacement value of the watch on the way back to the buyer. Coverage is limited to the watch's true value (not any number inputted). 
9. Payment / Refund Policy. You will be allowed to pay for the fix with a credit card, PayPal, or a check / money order once it is completed. You have made a legally binding contract to continue with the repair work after you have approved it by phone or email. Refunds are not given unless we are unable to repair the watch under warranty repair. If you need warranty support, free warranty work will be done. For more details, please see our warranty page. 
10. Excel Watch Repair does not ensure that the watch will be repaired. We'll need to look at your watch first to see if: a) If the repair can be completed successfully; and b) How much the repair will cost. Please note that, in some case, the cost of repair may exceed the value of the watch. 
11. If, in Excel Watch Repair's judgment, the watch cannot be restored due to a lack of access to required parts or labor, you agree to pay for the watch's return delivery. 
12. We make no assurances or commitments on the amount of time it will take to fix your watch. We can only include general guidance due to the complexities of the market and the varying timeliness of different parts suppliers. These instructions are not a promise or a timetable. Excel Watch Repair is not responsible for any problems caused by the supplier's or manufacturers’ inability to supply components or delays in component shipping. 
13. If Excel Watch Repair is unable to successfully complete the repair in-house, we can request permission to send your watch to the factory where it was manufactured for further evaluation. Depending on the terms and conditions of the factory, there could be an extra fee to ship to them. Excel Watch Repair is not responsible for any failure, damage, or other issues that occur when the watch is being repaired at the factory. Once in their hands, these terms and conditions must be revised to incorporate and supersede the factory's own terms and conditions. 
14. Excel Watch Repair is not liable for the following: Items were sent to the wrong addresses provided by the sender; Deliveries that failed because the receiver is not present at the time of delivery at the address provided by the sender; Delays in delivery due to the fault of the delivery service contracted (UPS, FedEx, etc.).    
15. Excel Watch Repair is not responsible for any watches that are resealed/pressure tested as there are many variables beyond our control.