2 Yr Warranty on Watch Overhauls 2 Year Warranty on Watch Repair Overhauls / FREE SHIPPING on watch Band orders over $50 (US ONLY)


Quality Watches Require Quality Attention

A routine complete maintenance or complete overhaul includes the following:

  • Complete dismantling of watch and movement followed by careful inspection of all components
  • Cleaning and replacement (at additional cost) or repair of worn or damaged movement parts, as needed, using genuine parts Reassembly of movement, oiling of jewels, and calibration of timing mechanism
  • Polishing & refinishing of case & bracelet, unless otherwise instructed
  • Rigorous quality control and testing for 72 hours, including timekeeping, water resistance test to factory specifications, and visual inspection
  • Two years warranty, certain restrictions may apply
Mechanical and automatic watches differ significantly from digital ones. For mechanical timepieces - whether those wound manually or automatic ones, need expert care. However, these watches are manufactured using countless tiny parts, each moving in synergy. These nuts and bolts require regular lubrication to ensure optimum performance and minimal friction and wear on the movement. 

If your timepiece is not keeping the proper time or if it has stopped, we can help repair it through a movement service. This will help return the watch to its former glory. For all mechanical watches, an overhaul service is needed whenever the watch is not working or whenever you notice an operating issue.

If you suspect your watch has an issue, you can reach out, and one of our experts will help look at it. Remember not to tamper with the timepiece as it may lead to further damage. Instead, let a professional handle it.


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Testing and Quality Control

The uncompromising and systematic inspections conducted by our quality control specialists testify to the high standards we place on all work undertaken at our premises.

All movements and watches, without exception, are subject to a series of rigorous technical tests and visual inspections to verify their accuracy, winding function, power reserve, water resistance, and overall appearance.

Only when your timepiece has successfully passed all phases of our stringent quality requirements will we issue a two year warranty on the overhaul service.

Complete Watch Overhaul





What are customers saying

Devon L

I just received my Omega watch yesterday, you guys did a wonderful job-it looks like new again. I will be recommending you to al my friends, I am a very happy customer. Thanks again!

Dan K.

I received my Breitling in the mail last week. I couldn't be more pleased with the results. It's absolutely beautiful. Thank you for all the extra effort you took to make sure it was in perfect working condition before you returned it. Im very pleased with the final results.

Jerry H.

I just received my Rolex watch that you repaired. I could not be happier. I commend you on your wonderful and professional customer service. Excel Watch repair is prompt and it's work is excellent. Thank you.

Mark M.

We are VERY pleased with the work done. The watch was/is very sentimental to both my husband and I. We had been told by 3 different jewelers that it was beyond repair and that they would not work on it. Job well done!

Sue S.

It's too bad we didn't take before and after pictures because my watch is absolutely stunning! I can't believe it's the same watch but it looks as beautiful as the day I got it - 25 years ago from my parents on Christmas Day. Thank you EWR!

Steve K.

Everyone at Excel Watch Repair: I received my watches yesterday and they're great. Thank you all for making this process very easy. I will recommend your services and definitely use you again. Have a good weekend.