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Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to receive an estimate?

The day we receive your watch, we notify you that it has arrived safely. We'll then take it through the next steps for processing, photographing, and categorizing the diagnosis. The repair estimate takes anywhere from two to four days from the time your watch arrives. Before we can provide you with the estimate, we may need to reach out to external partners for certain watch parts. This can add some time to the estimation process. The moment we have all the answers, we dispatch a formal estimate to your email, with a follow up phone call if requested.

How long does it take to repair my watch?

The truth is, there’s no blanket answer to this question. While some procedures like a battery replacement can be turned around in 1-2 days, others like for instance a century old pocket watch are intricate and require delicate progression which could take months. As a result, the duration your watch stays during the repair depends on the issues affecting the timepiece. Additionally, other factors may influence how long your watch stays. One of these is externally sourced parts may delay or differ in the specification. At all points, we strive to provide you with speedy and customized repair services.

Instructions for sending your watch for a repair service

Most of our online customers want to ensure their watches arrive at us safely. To achieve this, we encourage you to package your watch carefully. Please do not send the watch box as it will not be returned.

 Additionally, to ensure your watch is safe at all times, we recommend you insure the package against any damage or loss. After carefully wrapping your package, you can send the watch through different service providers such as UPS, FEDEX or US Postal Service. Ideally, any carrier that requires a signature as proof of delivery will do.

Together with the watch, accompany the package with our service order form. Alternatively, you can send a detailed letter outlining the issues you're facing with your piece. Remember to include your contact information, including name, phone number, physical address, and email.

Upon receipt of the package, our professionals will scan the watch. Here, they'll also confirm or adjust the provided quotation. After examining, we'll contact you for the final approval before we can commence working on the watch. No work is done on the timepiece prior to your consent and authorization.  

How will I pay for the repair services?

Once your repair is complete, we will email you an invoice with a link to pay by credit card or paypal, you can also call us at 818-428-1282 to provide payment. Payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or personal check.

I don't have a printer to print the service order form. Can i still send my watch in for repair?

Absolutely, Please include a letter detailing the problem that you're experiencing with the watch, along with complete contact information (name, address, telephone, numbers, e-mail). Do not hesitate to contact us if in doubt regarding special shipping instructions. 

What happens if I decline my repair estimate?

Should you wish to decline the estimate, you are only responsible for return shipping, which is based on UPS Ground insured residential rates.

What is a movement maintenance / overhaul?

Watches, like most of man's ingenious inventions, require regular maintenance efforts. Whether you have a mechanical or quartz watch, regular maintenance will ensure long service. Your watch operates by transmitting power through the wheel train and onto the hands that tell time. Over time, the wheels rub together, creating friction and gritting. To prevent this from happening, a special lubricant is applied. After a while, the lubricant wears off, leaving room for gritting and friction. At this point, you'll likely have to run complete maintenance services on the watch. When this occurs, a complete maintenance is recommended. Manufacturers typically recommend a movement overhaul every five to six years.

What is Water Resistance Maintenance?

Most medium and high-end watches are water resistant. This feature is achieved by fitting seals all around the major parts of the watch case. Additionally, waterproof watches include a series of interconnected gaskets and a customized crown to prevent water and moisture penetration. To maintain the waterproof feature in your watch, you'll need to have it checked regularly. While most of these parts are relatively durable, they are susceptible to wear and tear. That means regular watch check-ins are highly advised to keep your watch running at optimum capacity.

After water resistance inspection, all the worn-out parts should be replaced with authentic parts. Moreover, after each inspection, the watch should be tested to ensure the repairs are working.

Failure of water resistance maintenance efforts can lead your watch to run slower or cease indefinitely. To avoid such inconveniences, intermittent maintenance practices are highly recommended.

Can I call to check the status of my repair? Will I speak with an actual person?

Yes, excelwatchrepair.com is open Monday – Friday 10am-5pm PST. Call anytime with any questions you may have and our customer service representatives would be happy to assist you. Our number is: 818-428-1282

Can Excelwatchrepair.com repair my Vintage mechanical or heirloom timepiece?

Yes, Excelwatchrepair.com certified Master Watch Technicians can repair and service all brands of timepieces and provide restoration services to family heirlooms.


Are all your bands in stock? Do I pay if it is not?

While we stock a huge number of Watch bands & straps we cannot stock all of them. There are over 10,000 geniune Watch bands & straps on the current inventory list, we can't possibly stock all of them. When you place an order, you are actually charging your card. In effect, you are giving us the money even thought, in some cases, the part is NOT ready for immediate shipment. Why do we do this? Read here

When will my watch band order ship?

Items in stock will ship same or next business day, some straps have to be sourced from one of our warehouses which could take 7-10 days to ship. Shipping times will be displayed on the product page, you will also receive an immediate email from one our customer service reps if there are any delays to your order.

Shipping Information

How much does shipping cost?

US ORDERS - $4.00 First Class and FREE for orders over $50



Delivery can take between 7 – 21 days for International orders and sometimes there can be a delay in customs, so you may find you will need to wait a few more days.

Customs and Duty fees -International buyers, Any and all duties and customs fees are the responsibility of the customer. For more information, please contact your local customs authority

Why are the international shipping prices high?

In the past, international clients often complained our orders took too long. Even after months, some of our customers would still be frustrated over undelivered or late orders. Guided by this shortcoming, we sought to deliver premium international shipping services. We outsource all our international orders through fully-tracked airmail orders such as UPS or UPS Express

Admittedly, these courier services are pricier. However, most of our customers now sing praises for our quick and efficient order delivery systems.

Are springbars included with my purchase?

Yes, all of our watch straps come with a free set of matching spring bars or attachment hardware.

How do return or exchange my order?

We only accept returns on items in new, unopened, unused condition. Once a leather, rubber or metal strap is installed then removed is shows immediate signs of wear and thus the item cannot be re-sold. 

To exchange or return a watch strap you can download our form here.

Can you help me find a band for my particular watch model?

Yes, please email us and provide the watch brand, model or caseback number and our experts will notify you of the cost and availability within one to two days. Email support@excelwatchrepair.com

How do i know if the strap i purchase will fit my watch?

This will depend on how the watch band attaches to the case of your watch, please see our fitting guide page for more information.

Do I need a special tool to install my watch strap?

Yes, in most cases for leather and rubber straps you will need a spring bar removal tool to remove the spring bars from the watch lugs, and install the new strap. Some metal straps install with pipes/tubes in which you will need a pin pusher and a small hammer, you can always take it to local jeweler for help installing. If you need to purchase the spring bar removal tool please click here.

How do i measure what size watch strap my watch needs?
Start by measuring the "lug width" which is simply the internal width measured between the lugs (where the watch strap connects) to the watch. We would also recommend reviewing our fitting guide page to determine the type of attachment your watch uses. Please do contact us if you need some help selecting the correct strap for your watch.

What are customers saying

Devon L

I just received my Omega watch yesterday, you guys did a wonderful job-it looks like new again. I will be recommending you to al my friends, I am a very happy customer. Thanks again!

Dan K.

I received my Breitling in the mail last week. I couldn't be more pleased with the results. It's absolutely beautiful. Thank you for all the extra effort you took to make sure it was in perfect working condition before you returned it. Im very pleased with the final results.

Jerry H.

I just received my Rolex watch that you repaired. I could not be happier. I commend you on your wonderful and professional customer service. Excel Watch repair is prompt and it's work is excellent. Thank you.

Mark M.

We are VERY pleased with the work done. The watch was/is very sentimental to both my husband and I. We had been told by 3 different jewelers that it was beyond repair and that they would not work on it. Job well done!

Sue S.

It's too bad we didn't take before and after pictures because my watch is absolutely stunning! I can't believe it's the same watch but it looks as beautiful as the day I got it - 25 years ago from my parents on Christmas Day. Thank you EWR!

Steve K.

Everyone at Excel Watch Repair: I received my watches yesterday and they're great. Thank you all for making this process very easy. I will recommend your services and definitely use you again. Have a good weekend.