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Why Choose Us for Battery Replacement Services?

Watches are manufactured using countless intricate parts. As a result, changing your watch’s battery requires expertise and care. Our professionals take extra care when opening your watch, replacing the battery, and resealing it. We also have an excellent track record of handling numerous watches and replacing batteries in the Greater Metropolitan Area of Los Angeles. 

Our expertise spans different kinds and makes, including Swiss watch battery replacement and repair. Additionally, after we’re done replacing the battery, we seal the timepiece and run it through a water test. This ensures your watch is as good as when you first got it. No longer should you stress about where to professionally change your watch batteries. Leave it to the professionals, and you’ll have your watch back in no time. When it comes to watch battery repair, we’ve got you covered. We boast a wealth of satisfied customers, a testament you can see when looking at our online reviews

How long do your watch batteries last?

At Excel Watch Repair, we're dedicated to using high-quality batteries. These ensure your timepiece is running efficiently for longer. We only use Renata batteries, a Swiss battery manufacturing company known for quality and high standards. After battery replacement, we'll proceed to seal it back up and water test it. Ideally, a professionally installed battery will last you from one to two years. Most watch manufacturers recommend that you replace the watch battery every one to two years. However, batteries have a different life span depending on how old the watch is. As a watch ages, the watch will lose some efficiency and need more power to operate. We offer a warranty for 1 or 5 years depending on which battery service package you select.  

What are the signs that my watch needs a new battery?

The Hands No Longer Move: Time seems to be frozen...according to your watch. If your watch has completely stopped working, it’s probably time to replace the battery. Of course, there could be other issues contributing to your watch stopping. If you replace the battery and the problem continues, our specialist will be able to diagnose your problem by opening up the watch.

The Second Hand Jumps Every Few Seconds: Some watches are equipped with a feature to indicate when the battery level is low. When the battery gets to that stage, the second hand will jump four-five steps at a time, every four or five seconds. This behavior lowers the power consumption while still displaying the time accurately, letting you know that it is time to change the battery.

Moisture Underneath the Glass or Rattling: If you see moisture under the glass or hear rattling, you might have a problem with the internal mechanism of the watch or the seals/gaskets. Even just a little bit of moisture can disrupt the tiny parts powering your watch. Condensation under the glass is usually followed by a dead battery. A small rattle can also be a sign that your watch parts are misaligned. If your watch is experiencing condensation or rattling, send it in to our specialists for an estimate/diagnosis.

Watch Displays the Incorrect Time: When the battery loses power, the hands will stop ticking at the correct speed. They may be working too quickly or too slowly. Either way, the watch is displaying the incorrect time and needs to be repaired. In most cases this is a low battery issue, depending on how old the watch is, the working gears might also need to be oiled or cleaned.

Doesn't my watch remain water resistant forever?

No. Opening the watch often compromises its water resistance. This is why you should ensure only a professional opens and fixes your watch. Your watch's resistance to water lowers as the watch ages. External factors can cause the gaskets inside of the case, crystal and in the crown of the watch to deteriorate. This highlights the importance of water testing the watch after each repair. Excel Watch Repair will perform a water pressure test on every water resistant watch we receive unless otherwise instructed.  

Do you offer pressure testing and resealing?

Yes! Water resistant watches are re-sealed back to the manufacturers specification and also pressure tested, resealing will insure your watch is resistant from any type of dust and moisture. Excel Watch Repair is equipped with the latest technology and tools to ensure your watch gets the proper care and protection it needs to run like new. If your watch does not pass the pressure test, you will be notified by one of our specialists and provided a detailed explanation.

Do you have a warranty on your watch batteries?

Yes, all watch battery service comes with a 1 year warranty or a 5 year warranty depending on what battery package service you select. If your watch stops during this period (and the battery is the cause) we will email you a prepaid label and replace it for you, free of charge.




What are customers saying

Devon L

I just received my Omega watch yesterday, you guys did a wonderful job-it looks like new again. I will be recommending you to al my friends, I am a very happy customer. Thanks again!

Dan K.

I received my Breitling in the mail last week. I couldn't be more pleased with the results. It's absolutely beautiful. Thank you for all the extra effort you took to make sure it was in perfect working condition before you returned it. Im very pleased with the final results.

Jerry H.

I just received my Rolex watch that you repaired. I could not be happier. I commend you on your wonderful and professional customer service. Excel Watch repair is prompt and it's work is excellent. Thank you.

Mark M.

We are VERY pleased with the work done. The watch was/is very sentimental to both my husband and I. We had been told by 3 different jewelers that it was beyond repair and that they would not work on it. Job well done!

Sue S.

It's too bad we didn't take before and after pictures because my watch is absolutely stunning! I can't believe it's the same watch but it looks as beautiful as the day I got it - 25 years ago from my parents on Christmas Day. Thank you EWR!

Steve K.

Everyone at Excel Watch Repair: I received my watches yesterday and they're great. Thank you all for making this process very easy. I will recommend your services and definitely use you again. Have a good weekend.