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A Full Range of Watch Repair and Restoration Services.

We have the training, experience, and tools to repair nearly every problem you may encounter with your watch. Our CW21® certified watchmakers have over one hundred years combined experience. No repair is too big or too small. Basic repairs include crystal and battery replacements. We can also help find the right strap or bracelet to complement the look of your watch. If your watch is not keeping proper time or has stopped running altogether, we can perform a movement service to bring it back to running condition. Regardless of your needs, we're ready to help.


Common Services

Automatic Movement Service

Mechanical watch movements, meaning automatic or watches needing to be wound daily, require a different level of maintenance. Because these watches have hundreds of moving parts inside, they require lubrication to ensure optimum performance and minimal friction and wear on the movement.

Battery Replacement

A quartz watch, which uses a battery, doesn't require any service until the battery needs to be replaced. This is usually 2-3 years from the time it leaves the factory, not from when you buy it.

Crystal Replacement

The front part of the watch is usually made of glass or plastic. This is called the watch crystal. Watch crystals can break or crack from impact or perhaps dropping the watch on a hard surface. Most crystals are available to replace as original. Nothing detracts more from an elegant timepiece than a damaged or broken crystal. We can help restore the full value and beauty of any watch for a fraction of the cost of a new timepiece. We can select from our stock of hundreds of thousands of the highest quality finished crystals or cut crystals to fit virtually any watch, modern or vintage.

Stem & Crown Replacement

The watch crown is pulled out to set the time on your watch and if the watch has a date or day/date function it is also used to set it as well. The stem is the connection between the crown and the watch movement. If your crown or crown and stem become detached from your watch, do not try to reattach it yourself. Have a professional watchmaker evaluate your watch.

Mechanism Replacement

Every watch is a complicated entity that has many moving parts. The movement of a watch is what makes a watch operate. Many folks consider a watch’s movement to be the beating heart of a watch.

Dial & Hands refinishing

The dial (AKA Face) of a watch is where the time is displayed. We offer complete watch dial and hand refinishing and restoration for most watches. We can even make the dial from scratch if needed. We also perform watch hand refinishing and restoration

Band / Straps

We carry a full line of replacement watch straps and bracelets. We also have access to a large selection of factory band parts, including clasps, links, end pieces, and buckles. We have the ability to hand craft parts and laser weld bands and bracelets. If need be we can also offer full replacements.

Vintage Watch Restoration

Whether you have a vintage watch or family heirloom, we can bring it back to life for you. Our certified watchmakers have the skills to repair or overhaul the movement as well as restore the dial, case, & crystal. In addition, we equip our watchmakers with state-of-the-art equipment so that they have everything they need.

Bracelet & Case Refinishing

This service can really transform a watch that is worn and scratched to looking like new. Stainless Steel and Solid Gold bands and cases can be cleaned and polished to remove most surface scratches. Some bands and cases have a brushed finish, and the brushed finish can be reapplied after the polishing process.

Water Resistance Testing

One of the most important precautions to follow is to have your water resistant watch tested every time the case back is removed. The most common reason a case back is removed is for a battery replacement.

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What are customers saying

Devon L

I just received my Omega watch yesterday, you guys did a wonderful job-it looks like new again. I will be recommending you to al my friends, I am a very happy customer. Thanks again!

Dan K.

I received my Breitling in the mail last week. I couldn't be more pleased with the results. It's absolutely beautiful. Thank you for all the extra effort you took to make sure it was in perfect working condition before you returned it. Im very pleased with the final results.

Jerry H.

I just received my Rolex watch that you repaired. I could not be happier. I commend you on your wonderful and professional customer service. Excel Watch repair is prompt and it's work is excellent. Thank you.

Mark M.

We are VERY pleased with the work done. The watch was/is very sentimental to both my husband and I. We had been told by 3 different jewelers that it was beyond repair and that they would not work on it. Job well done!

Sue S.

It's too bad we didn't take before and after pictures because my watch is absolutely stunning! I can't believe it's the same watch but it looks as beautiful as the day I got it - 25 years ago from my parents on Christmas Day. Thank you EWR!

Steve K.

Everyone at Excel Watch Repair: I received my watches yesterday and they're great. Thank you all for making this process very easy. I will recommend your services and definitely use you again. Have a good weekend.