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Excel Watch Repair is proud to announce new website launch

Excel Watch Repair is proud to announce new website launch

We are happy to announce that our improved official website of Excel Watch Repair is now online with a new look and feel. The redesigned website which was launched on the 1st of February 2021 is aimed at providing a great user experience with an easy-to-navigate structure that beautifully showcases all available services.

Designed with the latest web technologies and RWD designs, the Excel Watch Repair website gives the visitor a smooth browsing experience that matches the high quality watch repair service the company offers. Excel Watch Repair Service has been a leading name in repairing luxury watches.

With many customers from distant locations increasingly looking up the services of the company it was an urgent requirement to revamp the official Excel Watch Repair website with added features to improve user experience.

As the majority of users today surf the internet on hand-held devices, the new website has been designed to work with seamless perfection on smart phones and tablets. All functions on the regular website have been made available on the mobile version too so that getting information and communicating through the website can be done with just a few touches, without the need of a standard computer.

The official website of Excel Watch Repair Service is now aesthetically pleasing thanks to the creative and innovative team of developers who skillfully created a website that reflects the superior quality of the service provided by our highly trained and experienced watch repair specialists with unmatched skills. Well familiar with the timeless masterpieces of most prestigious brands, our technicians are able to perform any repair, be it a simple battery change or restoring a vintage treasure to perfection.

With the new look and speed, comes the convenience of getting all luxury watch repair services online with just a few clicks. The re-launched website has easily navigable menus to each service, and added options to fine tune the requirements which means finding the exact battery for your timepiece or checking out the strap designs for your luxury watch can easily be done online. For those who are not sure what it would cost to get the repair done by our repair specialists, getting a quote is now free, and comes with no obligation. Users are able to get the same experience they get at our store when they visit our online portal.

The management and staff of Excel Watch Repair Service are confident that the exciting new features of the re-launched website would be warmly welcome by the clients.