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Our Most Common Repairs for Movado Watches

Our Most Common Repairs for Movado Watches

At Excel Watch Repair we understand the sentimental value your Movado watch can have. We can help you repair or restore your watch to make it like new again. Here are some of the common repairs we perform on Movado watches:

Crystal replacement

If the crystal on your watch is broken, we can source a new one for you and perform the replacement procedure. Watch crystals come in acrylic, mineral glass, and sapphire (including synthetic sapphire). 

Acrylic crystals are the most affordable. While they resist shattering, they can easily be scratched, and may crack under strong impact. Thankfully, minor scratches are easily buffed out. Acrylic is soft, so it’s easy to mold it into different shapes.

Crystals made of mineral glass don’t scratch as easily as ones made of acrylic, but they can still shatter with an impact hard enough. Mineral glass is the most popular choice today.

Synthetic sapphire crystals are made of the hardest material. They are scratch resistant, and the most expensive. Many luxury watch makers use sapphire crystals. Nevertheless, they can still chip or shatter with a hard enough impact.

overhaul service

Your Movado watch is a sophisticated piece of machinery. Like a car, every few years it should go in for regular service to ensure that there are no minor problems that could evolve into larger ones down the line. At Excel Watch Repair, we can go over your watch with the care and attention to detail that it deserves, and advise you of any minor issues that may need to be taken care of before they develop into big, costly ones.

movement service

The movement is at the heart of your Movado watch. At Excel Watch Repair we can professionally clean and oil your watch’s movement, as well as refinish any damaged parts. If necessary, we can manufacture parts to match the originals. We also have many new and pre-owned movements in stock, both mechanical and quartz, if your movement needs a complete replacement.

Watch Restoration

If your Movado watch is looking worse for wear, our skilled experts can restore it so that it looks new again.

Battery Replacement

Our experienced technicians can replace the battery in your Movado watch, including proper testing to ensure that the watch still meets its water resistance standards.

stem and crown replacement

Replacing the stem and crown can be a difficult process. This is because the stem and crown are specific to the watch model, so a stem and crown from another model usually won’t fit. The stem screws into the crown, so they lock together. At Excel Watch Repair we have the expertise required to perform this tricky operation.

Band and Clasp Repair

Your Movado watch band’s life can be prolonged with new watch pins or a new clasp. At Excel Watch Repair we can also adjust the fit of the watch band if needed, making it larger or smaller. Your watch band should fit comfortably without sliding on your wrist. At Excel watch repair we can tailor your band to fit your wrist perfectly.

Hand Repair

If the watch hands of your Movado watch have become loose or have fallen off, we can repair them here at Excel Watch Repair.

Dial Refinishing

If your Movado watch has an old or damaged dial, we can refinish it so that it looks new again.

Check and Repair seals and gaskets

If your Movado watch is water resistant, it’s important to have the integrity of the water resistance checked every couple of years. This is because the seals and gaskets can become faulty and need repair or replacing. If a seal or gasket fails, water can leak inside the watch, causing costly damage to the internals.


Those are the most common repairs we do for Movado watches! If your Movado watch is in need of attention, please contact us at Excel Watch Repair. We are happy to serve you!